[TUTORIAL] How to Help 2PM Win on Music Shows

2PM Finally back to Korean Music Business!! Hottest let’s help 2PM win on music show, please share the infos / posters guide how to help 2PM win on Music Show

Korean Music Show Scoring Breakdown

1-92 1-93

Buy 2PM’s New Album

One of the Korean music show point is physical album sales. It is helping 5-15% of the total points (the percentage is different for each music show)

In order to help 2PM wins on Korean music show for the physical album sales point, we need to purchase the album from the store where the sales are reflected to Hanteo / Gaon chart.

Some of Korean online store/shop which the sales will reflect to Hanteo / Gaon chart are*:

  1. Yesasia = Gaon and Hanteo Chart
  2. Ktown4u = Hanteo Chart
  3. Kpoptown = Gaon and Hanteo Chart
  4. Kpopmart = Hanteo Chart
  5. ilovekart = Gaon and Hanteo Chart
  6. Synnara = Hanteo Chart

Stream & Download 2PM’s New Song from Korean Music Sites

MelOnNaverMnet BugsOlleh Cyworld Monkey3 Genie – SoribadaDaum

As we know, DIGITAL points take almost half (or even more than half) of the points for Music Shows. So, here is several ways to gain digital points for 2PM:

Digital songs are available online on Melon, Bugs!, Olleh, Naver, Mnet Korea, Soribada, and Genie. However (unfortunately), International Hottest can’t help much for this as the songs are somehow available only for Korean.

But there’s some way to help!

  1. Purchase MelOn Streaming Pass (for International Hottest, available only for iOS device) – (Read: How to Purchase)
  2. Stream and Download 2PM’s new song from MelOn (from PC/Android/iOS) (Read: How to Stream and Download)
  • Downloading means you download the entire song from MelOn  App or MelOn site and usually in mp3 format and save it to your device. Once you download the song it will add the digital point and play it offline wouldn’t count in.
  • Streaming allows you to listen to the song via MelOn app or MelOn site and it will count on digital point, you have to be online via wifi / network courier.

Streaming or downloading helps a song in MelOn chart, even if the song was downloaded, however streaming the song through MelOn app or MelOn site will mostly have the biggest impact in MelOn chart.

Please remember that there are some rules for streaming on Melon so the streaming will count to 2PM digital points. Here is the rules:

  1. Audio quality does not matter.
  2. While streaming, do not touch the play/pause buttons.
  3. 1 stream per hour per user ID will count.
  4. Only 1 download per user will count.
iTunes chart wouldn't count on Korean music chart, but Hottest who's eligible should buy from iTunes since it will increases 2PM's popularity worldwide

Online Voting

  • Mnet M! Countdown

10% of the total point on M!Countdown is from Rating, which is determined by Global Fan Voting + Age preference (as stated on the capture above). So, the vote is somehow important for 2PM’s winning.

And according to Mwave (as we can read on the caps above which is captured from Mwave’s site), one person can once a day per one registered ID. You can log in with either you e-mail/Mwave account, or Facebook account, or Twitter account. So, you can log in and vote with multiple accounts, however, 1 IP address can vote only up to 10 times per day.

Here’s the steps to vote on Mnet’s M!Countdown:

  1. Go to Mnet global voting >> http://bit.ly/1kEx9Zy
  2. Before voting, do not forget to log in with your Mwave/Twitter/Facebook account.


1 Vote/Account/Day

10 Vote/IP Address/Day

Since Mwave site is in English, it shouldn’t be there much problem to create an account. But, if you still find any trouble to create an account, then you can just log in simply with your Twitter/Facebook account.


  1. After logged in, find 2PM – Go Crazy! and click beside the number.13
  1. After choose ‘2PM – Go Crazy!’, then scroll down and find ‘VOTING’ bar. Click!


  1. You’re done with the voting!
or you can join Hottest Voting Team>> @2PMvotingteam 

Live SMS Voting

  • Send SMS from your Mobile Phone


M! Countdown

  • Input Mobile Number: +822566 or 00822566
  • Input Text Message: 투피

MBC Music Core

  • Must vote for 2 artists (2PM and Other artist)! If you only write one name the vote does not count! Separate artist names with a comma but NO SPACE
  • Input Mobile Number: +820505 or 00820505
  • Input Text Message: 투피,XXX(XXX = Other group/idol top 3 nominees, type in Hangul)

SBS Inkigayo

  • Input Mobile Number: +821245 or 00821245
  • Input Text Message: 투피엠
* If using regular SMS service, international SMS charges apply = 220 KRW (0.22 USD)
* Change your Country/Region to South Korea before sending the SMS



  • Likes and Comments Posts on

2PM Official Facebook

  • Watch, Like, Comment and Share 우리집s Music Video from

JYPE Official Youtube Channel

  • Watch, Like, Comment and Share 2PM Performance uploaded on Music Show Official Youtube Account


  • Search 2PM 우리집 on Korean news portal

Naver, Nate, Daum

How to Stream 2PM’s MV from Youtube

  • Stream  2PM 우리집s MV from JYPE Official Youtube Channel
  • Like, Comment and Share the video to your sns Account (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc)
  • Stream the FULL VIDEO (without pause and fast forward) and DO NOT mute the audio on Youtube
  • DO NOT click replay and refresh the video (it won’t increases view count) if you want to stream again, search the MV on youtube again
  • Clear history and cookies from your browser frequently


  • Use different browser and stream on private window
Chrome: Incognito Window (Ctrl+Shift+N)
Firefox: Private Window (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  • Use your other device such as: Mobile Phone, iPad, iPhone, iPod, tablet
  • After you like, comment and share the MV log out from your youtube account and stream MV as guest

  • Please send an notify to us If you see any mistakes within our posters guide
  • Please spread this info/posters on twitter, tumblr, facebook, weibo and forum

6 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] How to Help 2PM Win on Music Shows”

  1. Wish I had seen this with their Go Crazyb comeback. When their new song comes out June 1st I will definitely be doing all this so I can say I did my part!

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