[NEWS] 2PM′s Chansung Says Staff was Surprised by Nichkhun′s Cameo Acting in ′Deoksuri 5′

2PM′s Chansung talked about his fellow member, Nichkhun, who appeared as a cameo in his new movie.

On November 27, Chansung attended the press perview for the movie Five Siblings in Deoksu Village at the Konkuk University Lotte Cinema, where the 2PM member shared, “Nichkhun appeared as a cameo, but I didn′t think he would deliver the lines like that. He was quite good.”

“After I had finished filming all my parts, Nichkhun came to film. He was supposed to act angry, and he pulled off the lines really well.”

Chansung added, “All the people on the set were all very surprised at Nichkhun′s acting, saying he did really well and that he was funny.”

Five Siblings in Deoksu Village is a comedy movie about five siblings that don′t get along with each other somehow becoming a team to find their parents who go missing. Yoon Sang Hyun, Song Sae Byuk, Lee Ah Yi, Changsung, Kim Ji Min, and Lee Kwang Soo.

The movie premieres December 4.

Credit: mwave


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