[SNS] 141129 2PM & Friends – ‘Go Crazy’ World Tour in Guangzhou (Backstage)

2PM from 演唱会陈禹‘s weibo:


2PM from Ares鄭建鵬‘s Weibo:


2PM from Wei Daxun‘s Weibo:


Nichkhun from Wei Daxun‘s Weibo:


[Trans] Wei Daxun: Said you will bring me the bag you designed, but you forgot…. Seems like if I don’t beat you, you will never remember!

Trans CHN-ENG by: 

Nichkhun from Lesleychiang‘s Weibo:

Nichkhun from daphnekwan‘s IG:

daphnekwanLet’s go crazy!!!! Nichkhun,,, fighting!!! Support support!!! #2PM #guangzhou #worldtour #concert #nichkhun #wonderfulnight

Nichkhun from bonny_yim‘s IG:

bonny_yimAlways supporting you no matter what 💛 KHUNNIE 2PM 화이팅 #닉쿤 #투피엠 #2PM #guangzhou #concert #gocrazy #nichkhun #idol #best #2014


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