[SNS Update] 150109 Twitter & Instagram

Nichkhun Update Twitter:

[Trans] My dear lovely fans,I am perfectly happy and not upset.Don’t pay attention to things that are worthless for our life. Keep smiling.= ]

Taecyeon Update Twitter:


[Trans] : ‘JYP The Oldest Trainee’ G’Soul, Finally a debut after 15 years of silence Source: Naver news

Taecyeon from godjp‘s IG:

요오우~ 울 룸메이트 막뚱쓰들과 글구 또JYP fam lil bro 택쓰!ㅋㅋ 아~ 글구 인재는 쭈니가 여러분들을 일주일애 두번씩이나 챠자봴쑤있개 또한 가족이생겨요~! 화욜은 룸메이트가족과 또이료일은 MBC 애니멀즈 가족과! 가족이많이생기니깐 넘행복하내요~! 두가족 많이 써포트해주시구 기대 많이해주세요~! http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&sid1=106&sid2=224&oid=109&aid=0002969515 #지오디 #fangod #sbsRoommate #룸메이트 #옥택연 #Taec @taeccool #2pm #hottest #jyp #Got7Jackson #JacksonWang #잭슨 #카라 #허영지 @hyjiiiii(twitter not instagram) #KaraYoungJi #박준형 #JoonPark #MBC #MBC애니멀즈 #animals #Seoul #Korea #Kpop Yo~ with my Roommate Maknaes and also JYP Fam lil bro Taec! Also soon there will be one more fam I will be joining so u can see me 2 times a week! A New MBC program called "Animals"! So cool to be having so many families! So keep showin luv to my roommate Fam and another new fam Animals comin soon! BBAAMMM!!!

A post shared by 박준형 god Joon Park (@godjp) on

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