[TRANS] 2PM Baila February 2015

Baila Special Interview

Attack on Tokyo & Seoul! Take a peek at their “foundation”! 2PM paparazzi!

The 6 people who have prepared their new song release for January 28th. We charged in for an interview with these extremely busy boys who go back and forth between visiting Korea and Japan! They talked about their newest song as well as looked back on their Japan activities from these past 4 years.

December 27, 1988. Blood type AB. Taecyeon found and vigorously ate croissants that had been prepared for the studio! He muttered softly after stuffing his face, “I must exercise later.”
@The studio directly upon entering
speech bubble: “Am I allowed to eat this?”

Born April 30, 1989. Blood type B. “Wrong…” Wooyoung practices dance in front of a mirror in one corner of the studio without taking notice of the camera. However, when another member called for him, he rushed over smiling.
@A spare moment of free time
speech bubble: “The angle of my right hand should be more like this…”

Born February 11, 1990. Blood type B. Chansung had several coffee refills while chatting with the staff. “Someday when I start living alone, I want to try making coffee myself.”
@Break time after the interview
speech bubble: “This coffee smells nice♪”

Born June 24, 1988. Blood type O. The weather is cloudy with periods of light rain. Although they arrived at the studio early in the morning, Nichkhun was fresh when he got out of the car. “Instead of snow, there’s rain. I’m happy since I’m sensitive to cold.”
@The bus to the studio entrance
speech bubble: “Rain? It’s warm in Tokyo”

Born January 25, 1990. Blood type A. Junho, who is highly perceptive by nature, looks back at our camera instead of not wanting to face it and talks to us with a smile on his face. “Were you able to take good photographs today?”
@Leaving the studio after work is finished
speech bubble: “Do you miss me already?”

Born January 15, 1988. Blood type A. “Music is life itself,” declares Jun. K. Our magazine even caught a peek of this moment in which he shifted the MP3 player in his hand and searched for music that suited his present mood.
@A moment before the interview
speech bubble: “The 3rd song is good~”

And here’s where…
We charged in to do coverage of their new songs!
The Baila reporter took charge of the mic for these 6 people who thoroughly looked back on their foundation! How did the 6 of them answer about their new song and the question “What recently made you unable to stop your heart from beating fast?”

“The new track will break everyone’s expectations as it is something that has never been in 2PM before. There is even a new tone in the voices of the members. However, it’s not free and uncontrolled. I believe it will betray the expectations you all have as it goes in a completely different direction from our previous track ‘Midaretemina,’” said Jun. K. By the way, what can make the heart of such a person as him beat faster? “There’s a romantic jinx in Korea that goes ‘You will become happy if you watch the first snowfall of the year with someone precious to you.’ About that, well… I watched it with the members (laugh).
speech bubble: “The new song? It’s possible it could be the greatest work of music 2PM has compiled!”

Junho had a hand in making the single’s coupling track “365.” “I wrote it with the thought: ‘I want to be next to you, 365 days.’ I wish to be forever happy with the fans. It’s a bright, merry song.” What made a person like Junho’s heart beat faster is the rubber duck (the duck art project that traveled around the world). “For some reason I went into a state of high excitement upon seeing the news last year that he had visited Korea. I couldn’t seem to calm myself down.”
speech bubble: “Why did I want to write the coupling track ‘365’? In order to be able to convey the thoughts that I’m passionate about.”

“I think the new song will become a big help to those who work when they listen to it before going to work or while commuting to work. Since it has a funky melody, I think it could lift your spirits if you listen to it in the morning. Besides that, we happily dance in suits in the MV. Please remember us during times when you are tired,” said Nichkhun. What excited you recently? “When I went to America last year.” Are you perhaps talking about LA? “Yes, when I went to Disneyland to have fun! No matter how many times I go, the Land Where Dreams Come True is exciting and fun. I want to go again.”
speech bubble: “If you listen to it before going to work, I believe you can go to the workplace in high spirits. …Oops, anymore than this has to pass by the manager!”

“When we went to LA for a concert, a choreographer over there gave us the dance for the new song. Please pay close attention to our footwork which we diligently practiced on between performances. The funky and mature-accented feeling of the dance is sure to make your heart flutter,” said Chansung who is currently taken up with making and producing songs. “I finished making a song last night and was excited just by being able to hear my own beat.” Will it become a popular song? “Well… I wonder (bitter smile). It might just be that it made my heart palpitate from a sense of accomplishment in making a song.”
speech bubble: “The highlight of the new song is the splendid footwork of the dance! …I snatched the mic away and blurted that (laugh).”

“It’s a first for 2PM to have a horn section in a dance song. The highlight of the song this time is the dance which has a bit of a complicated step to it. I think it looks cool when we’re dancing that part. We use the image of a jukebox for the MV, and the highlight of it is when we step to the time with a live band in the back.” What had your heart fluttering recently? “We planned what we wanted to do and everything was prepared by the 6 of us. Even this very moment of taking this interview [was planned by us].”
speech bubble: “Even members of a band make an appearance in the MV… and the rest is… a secret!”

“When I listened to the demo song, I thought that it was similar to trot music due to its catchiness,” said Taecyeon. “However, with the horn incorporated into the melody and with the choreography, I realized how cool of a song it was. I had the conviction that it’s something a wide range of generations would be able to listen to.” What could make a person like Taecyeon’s heart flutter? “When a song I wrote comes back to me after requesting for an arrangement. I think, ‘Ah, my child has returned so magnificently! (laugh).”
speech bubble: “Ah, I found it! I’m confident a wide range of generations will be able to listen to the new song!”

Still wanting to talk… We followed them! To Seoul!!
After several days had passed since Paparazzi & Attack, Baila staff landed in Seoul, Korea! We wanted them to open their hearts and exhaust everything they wanted to say since it will be their 5th year of promoting in Japan in May of 2015, so we had them take a look back on their path from their Japan debut up to their new song “Guilty Love.”

What was the cultural aspect hidden in the making of their debut!?
A secret story that can now be told

—-A few days ago, we asked about your 9th single “Guilty Love,” but how about looking back on your Japan activities?
Junho: The 4 years that we’ve been in Japan have passed by really quickly…
—-In hopes that it will refresh your memory of those rich 4 years, we prepared a chronology by hand of every CD put out in Japan.
All: Ohh~~! (The members check various things with the group of CDs)
Wooyoung: Whoa… To think we released this many.
Jun. K: Did you bring these from Japan? It must have been difficult, thank you very much. I’m deeply moved since I’ve never had the chance to see our works gathered together at one time before. Looking at them like this, various things have come to mind and I’m happy.
Junho: 1st album “REPUBLIC OF 2PM” (2011). Jun. K was really funny on the special video for this one.
Jun. K: ? What was it again?
Junho: Do you remember how you mimicked the extra who played the role of a reporter?
Jun. K: Ah! There was one person who was nervous, so I felt the need to loosen up the atmosphere! And my sense of responsibility overflowed at that moment (laugh).
Junho: It was really hard trying to hold in my laughter.
Wooyoung: The concept “press conference” is already funny on its own (laugh), so everyone had to restrain from laughing.
Nichkhun: The 1st single “Take off” (2011) is really nostalgic… also!!
Wooyoung: What happened, Nichkhun?
Nichkhun: (holding the 1st single) Taecyeon’s bangs (laugh).
Junho: Ahh, the story about how Taecyeon looked like his mom, right? (laugh)
Taecyeon: That was (the 4th single) “Beautiful” (2012).
Nichkhun: Sorry sorry (laugh), I was just laughing at how short your bangs were. Looking at our past work is a little… no, very surprising. We all know it well (laugh).
Jun. K: Based on appearance, I think the one who changed the most after our Japan debut is Chansung. He improved his Japanese the quickest over everyone else. Furthermore, Wooyoung was highly influenced by Japan’s fashion, too.
Chansung: It’s because I appeared in a Japanese drama (“Kaito Royale” 2011). The script was in Japanese.
Junho: It’s not easy to think back, but if I remember correctly, the concept for “Take off” was “future,” right? When I look at the jacket now I get an overwhelming “past” feeling, though.
Wooyoung: It’s true (laugh). At that time Chansung was like a cultural asset. Maybe a sculpture that held a piece of food. Chansung. Are you… human?
Chansung: Say what you want (laugh). To me, I thought this photo was neither “future” nor “past,” but a world that is “another dimension”…
Taecyeon: I gave up.
Chansung: I haven’t given up!
Junho: However, on the day of filming I was so uneasy that I thought “Is this alright?” when I stood in front of the mirror (laugh).
Chansung: That uneasiness was blown away by all the Japanese who supported us. I’m thankful.
Nichkhun: Certainly, we can’t not be thankful to the Japanese fans.
Jun. K: It’s thanks to the love “Take off” received, that “Midaretemina” (2014) and “Guilty Love” were born.

What they learned from getting injured all over their bodies while in battle on their first stage

—-As I’m sure the 1st single left a big impression on you befitting of it, what are the thoughts you have on your first stage appearance?
Taecyeon: Right after we debuted in Korea we actually had the chance to stand on stage in Japan. I remember having a good impression.
Junho: Our first official stage in Japan was the showcase at Ryogoku Kokugikan (2010). We had to get onto the stage by using a lift tower, but I was the only one who didn’t. I jumped from the next tower over. I was nervous because I couldn’t fail no matter what.
Chansung: I remember it well, too. That day, I was in a lot of pain without my parents’ knowledge. It was strange, but the moment I went up on stage the pain went away. There were 3 concerts that day, and when I was on stage it didn’t hurt, but when I got off stage it would start hurting again, and the cycle kept repeating.
Jun. K: For me also, my knee was in bad shape that day, so halfway through my leg stopped moving. I had to crawl off stage.
—-You had injuries all over your bodies. I had no idea…
Jun. K: I think that for me, since our song’s concept was “zombie” I wasn’t conspicuous.
Nichkhun: Because our performances have a lot of dynamic features, we worry the fans a lot.
Taecyeon: We’ve had a lot of injuries… Yes. We’ve worried you all at our live performances.
Wooyoung: However, we’ve learned a lot from those things. If someone gets injured, we help each other out and are able to finish the concert… I’ve realized that it’s essential. If each individual is in a different condition, then the dance will be different, too. There are times when the impossible is necessary. I believe that overcoming those times is important to keep as a memory.

What can be called a life’s dream, what is the next objective they see after their Tokyo Dome concert?

—-Speaking of that, I’m sure the image of you helping each other with all your might resonates in the hearts of your fans. Don’t you feel anxious to promote across the sea?
Taecyeon: Due to my gratefulness to the people who support us in Japan and due to the wholeheartedness with which I’ve prepared myself in wanting to respond in kind to the expectations of those fans, I have no anxiety. When we debuted in Japan, we held objectives such as arena tour, Tokyo Dome concert, and first place on the Oricon chart, and thanks to the fans all of those have been made a reality.
Jun. K: Getting first place on Oricon was…
Taecyeon: Our 2nd album “LEGEND OF 2PM” (2013). We received notice that it had reached first place when we holding a concert in Tokyo for an arena tour, and we were able to directly relay the news to the audience. We were glad to share our happiness!

—-Then 2 months after that it was April of 2013, and your greatest wish of holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome also became a success.
Wooyoung: I never want to forget the events of that day.
Jun. K: For an artist, holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome is a life’s dream, right?
Nichkhun: It was a dream-like time…
Wooyoung: I still vividly remember it. It’s more than just singing on stage; I was in a daze thinking, “What am I doing?” and “What is this?”
Jun. K: I thought the same thing. When the screams from the audience reached me I thought, “What is this? A dream?”
Junho: The field of vision is completely different. Usually the audience is in the shape of a single folding fan (ougi), but the dome expands farther than 180 degrees. That’s when it really hit me, “So this is Tokyo Dome.”
Chansung: It’s like another dimension. Like, “where am I?”
Taecyeon: That time… it was really vexing for me. Right before the Dome concert, my knee’s condition had worsened. Although it had healed by the day of the concert, it’s Tokyo Dome, you know? I was frustrated wanting to put 200% and more of my strength into it. If there’s a second time, I will display a cooler image.
Jun. K: I want to perform at the Dome again… I don’t even know how happy I would be if it were to become a reality.
Junho: Yeah. I want to do a Dome concert… every day.
Everyone but Junho: Every day!?
Chansung: Break a leg, Junho. I’ll go and help out sometimes (laugh).
—-Even now, your objective is Tokyo Dome?
Chansung: If I’m talking honestly, I felt uneasy to dream past the Tokyo Dome concert. Like, “What would be our next target from now on?” We hadn’t experienced anything like it before. However, I was taken aback when I happened to learn of Nissan Stadium. There are still more objectives and dreams out there that we must cross. There are many other things to do and accomplish from here on. I thought that there’s nothing else to do but to further advance. It would make me happy if it were possible to have a dome tour next time, but before that, my objective is to keep working hard every day.
—-After you work hard little by little, you want to have a concert at Nissan Stadium?
Chansung: I want to try.
Wooyoung: A stadium, nice. But I still want to do one at Budokan. The audience is close to the stage and it has the best sound system.
Junho: Let’s go! to anywhere. To where our fans are!

Work is “destiny.”
It has nothing to do with what you wish or don’t wish for, it’s something that meets you

—-In Japan, you’ve done various things outside of musical activities.
Taecyeon: I was really happy when we decided to do 2 continuous years of “NHK TV Korean Lessons” (2012-2013).
Junho: Going to the Ramen Museum on the variety show “2PM & 2AM Wander Trip” made a nice memory. At the time I couldn’t say anything more than “ramen, delicious!” in Japanese, but it was really fun. Now I would be able to say, “Do it barikata, please”…
Nichkhun: I would also be able to say, “Please put in all the tsukemen.”
Wooyoung: You just want to eat, don’t you?
Taecyeon: Yep, that’s right (laugh). I’ve eaten all kinds, but I like the tonkotsu that is in kotteri soup.
Nichkhun: You too, Taecyeon?
Junho: You too, Nichkhun?
Taecyeon: We match well!
Jun. K: …Let’s leave them be and get on with the next question.
—-Carrying out music promotions concurrently with your home country, appearing on television, appearing in movies, and being in the middle of a busy schedule, how do you adjust your time and personal feelings?
Taecyeon: No matter what the situation is, I tackle it the best I can. That’s it. No matter what country I’m active in, I take responsibility for the work that I have decided to do and must tackle it with all of my strength. My parents are also the same, and I respect my parents who are like that.
Chansung: When thinking about work, I challenge it with the mindset of enjoying an attraction at an amusement park.
Junho: Work is “destiny.” It has nothing to do with what you wish or don’t wish for, it’s something that meets you. Whenever I think that, power rises up within me, and if I don’t think that way, I might become too busy and hate it (laugh).
Jun. K: For me, I live by doing what I want to do. I’m very happy being able to do what I do as a job. I become sensitive when it comes to work, and a lot of problems occur from it, but all that I’m doing now is so that I can become even better at what I do. It’s tough, but not tough.
Wooyoung: Bingo! I have the same opinion as Jun. K. The current job becomes the motivation for the next job. It’s exactly because I’m doing what I want to do.
Nichkhun: For me… at first my dream wasn’t to become a singer.
Jun. K: Nichkhun, what’s wrong!? You’re becoming like the press conference of a person who is publishing his autobiography (laugh).
Nichkhun: Eh, really? (laugh). Even still, I want to say it now. I was able to become a singer, and I’m really thankful, and in order to become better at it I want to work my hardest. However, I didn’t think of becoming an entertainer. My interest in cooking and photography was larger than music. Despite that, I made an unexpected choice and here I am. Isn’t it strange? I think it’s strange, too. Life is like a miracle, and it’s interesting. Therefore, it seems I’m able to prevail everyday.
Junho: Destiny?
Nichkhun: Possibly (laugh).
—-You all are able to embrace your job with your respective feelings, but what has become the thing that makes you endeavor when it comes to promoting in Japan?
Jun. K: When I perform at a concert, at that exact time, i realize it’s the moment when I can feel satisfied, and that has become what makes me endeavor.
Wooyoung: Bingo! Me too.
Junho: For me it’s when we do high touch. I feel like I’m receiving a direct charge of energy from the fans.
Nichkhun: I said it before. Also when I ate something delicious. There are a lot of tasty things in Japan. Tsukemen, etc (laugh).
Taecyeon: Tonkotsu ramen!
Junho: Fuji-Q Highland!!
Nichkhun: That’s what you’re going to say? If so, then Disneyland for me!
Wooyoung: DisneySea too, right?
Junho: …Hokkaido’s ice cream is tasty, too. I gain a lot of strength when I eat that.
Chansung: The scale of our topic is slowly becoming downsized (laugh).
Nichkhun: It’s true (laugh). At first we were talking about larger things.
Jun. K: No matter what we say, however, I believe concerts are of course first and best.
Wooyoung: It’s amazing how much power we’re able to receive from performances in Japan.
Jun. K: Up until now, since there were so many moments that were deeply moving, surely from now on as well [there will be more]…
—-What is 2PM aiming for next?
Jun. K: Rather than a wild performance, we will firmly show you a musical color while in the other direction we will display our free and uncontrolled selves. We aim to leave a strong image that we are artists into the minds of everyone.
Chansung: Please like us and our music, and please enjoy our concerts. I wish for all of those memories to remain as an ideal recollection, and I hope we continue making them together from hereafter.
Taecyeon: We are aiming to be artists who continue responding to expectation, so please keep cheering for us. We wish many good things to all the readers for the year 2015, too!

speech bubbles:
Wooyoung: After this we’re all going out to play!?
Nichkhun: Junho, relax more, relax
Jun. K: Hey everyone, we’re filming now!

photo caption: The “2PM chronology” that the staff pulled an all-nighter to make. Wooyoung who earnestly looked through it, Jun. K who took a splendid photo with his phone, saying “Please let me take a picture!” and Junho who said, “Please make it with pictures attached next time,” etc. We are thankful for letting us get a nibble more than what we imagined.

JPN-ENG translation by: dawnjelly

Scans: timing_kei

Source: 2pmalways


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