[SNS][TRANS] 150126 Nichkhun’s Fantalk

Nichkhun’s Fantalk:

[Trans] Khun: gained……… weight ……… chin…… ran away………. come back home!…. Fan: Fat? Really? Let me see… Please take a selca to prove it. =] Khun: ㅋㅋㅋ

[Trans]  Fan: kekekekeke you should gain more weight!!! Khun: nope… My face is round enough. T_T

[Trans] Fan: Why are you so cute T_T Khun: Don’t know~ kekeke

[Trans] Fan: Please translate your first tweet. Khun: The point is I’m fat…

[Trans] Fan: It’s the first time I can talk to you in a real time fantalk. Amazing!!! Khun: Welcome~

[Trans] Fan: Fighting for Music Japan recording today~(^o^) Khun: Thank you! ^^

[Trans] Fan: Though you can’t see my tweet, I will keep sending you mentions.. T_T Khun: kekeke

Trans KOR-THAI by:  THAI-ENG by: Daffodil0624 


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