[TRANS] 2PM ‘Guilty Love’ Oricon Style Interview

To 2PM, What is a Woman’s Dangerous Charm?!


2PM’s first single of 2015 “Guilty Love” has been released. 2PM was in perfect form in 2014, achieving first place in terms of ranking, and so on. It seems uncertain as to the height of their influence as they continue to rise in popularity. They of course talked about their single, and also named each of the members’ catchphrases of “__ Man” this time!

MV filming in Phuket, Thailand! The member who got too sunburned is…

—-Your first single of 2015 “Guilty Love” has been released.
Taecyeon: The single this time has a funky sound matched with a performance overflowing with the feeling of an urban groove. The visual highlight is the magnificent footwork. Since we’re wearing brightly colored suits, I think it makes the steps look even more showy.
Wooyoung: The MV turned out vividly colored as well. This time we get inside a jukebox and dance (setting).
Jun. K: Like we were turned into dolls.
Wooyoung: It’s a video that makes the viewer want to subconsciously reach their hand in and turn on the jukebox, so I want you to definitely enjoy the MV as well.

—-Furthermore, Junho had a hand in writing the coupling track “365,” so please tell us what the feeling is behind the song.
Junho: I made it with the feeling of wanting to be with the fans always.
Nichkhun: The first time I heard this song I thought that the fans would surely be pleased when listening to it. Also, I imagined a lovable performance would go with it.
Chansung: When the dance was actually completed, I felt a bit apologetic since it was way too cute (laugh).
Taecyeon: Nah, we’ve always been cute (laugh). Although we’re called Beast Idols, that’s just our outward appearance and actually we’re really, really lovable.
All: …… (bitter laugh).
Taecyeon: What, how come you guys aren’t with me?

—-Since your cool side usually shows, your cute side is all the more prominent? Being able to enjoy that gap is this work’s true charm.
Taecyeon: We are undeserving of your words (deep bow).

—-Not at all (laugh). For the “365” MV, it left an impression that in it you pass the time as your real life selves in Phuket, Thailand, but did anything interesting happen during filming?
Junho: Although it was really hot, the weather was a blessing and the members expressed refreshing smiles that perfectly fit for a bright MV.
Taecyeon: I lay down on the shore in order to tan but I only burned my front, so my backside was completely white (laugh).
Jun. K: We had fun and laughed throughout so much that we nearly forgot that the time we spent in Phuket was for work. However, Wooyoung, Chansung, and I spent one more day there and had a real holiday where we swam in the ocean.
Junho: I’m jealous~
Wooyoung: It was the best~!
Chansung: I want to spend substantial time like that with the members again. When that happens I want to stay longer than just one day.

—-The members of 2PM have a truly close relationship!
Nichkhun: Yes. It had been a long time since we all could spend time relaxing like that, so we were really happy and were able to replenish much energy in Phuket.

—-Then we can expect an even more powered up 2PM, right?
All: Yes, that’s right!

If they were to give “__ Man” catchphrases

—-By the way, as the song “Guilty Love” is about a “Guilty Man,” please give the respective members a “__ Man” catchphrase.
Taecyeon: Starting from Wooyoung, please talk in order about the member next to you.
Wooyoung: (immediately) Jun. K is “Bad Man.”
All: (laugh).
Wooyoung: No, (takes a long hard look at Jun. K up and down) “Man that Looks like a Carpet.”
All: (explosive laughter)
Taecyeon: He said it’s because the clothes he’s wearing today look like a carpet (laugh).
Wooyoung: Then, “Man I Want to Become Warm.”

—-Not “Warm Man”?
Wooyoung: Yes. Isn’t Jun. K constantly asserting “NO LOVE”?
Taecyeon: He exactly represents a bad man (laugh).
Wooyoung: Therefore, I named him with the feeling of wanting him to become “YES LOVE.”
Taecyeon: I see. Now then, Jun. K. Please say a catchphrase for Chansung.
Jun. K: Although he’s the youngest he doesn’t joke around, and he’s very reliable and manly… wait, what was the question again?
All: (laugh)
Wooyoung: Catchphrase!
Jun. K: He’s dignified, prudent…
Junho: It’s too long already. Get to the point!
Taecyeon: Isn’t “Reliable Man” good enough?
Jun. K: Just wait a moment. Then… (thinks briefly) let’s go with “Pensive Man”!

—-Worrying so much about it must mean Chansung is a man of many charms.
Jun. K:
Chansung: (shy laugh)
Taecyeon: Then, Chansung please give Junho a catchphrase.
Chansung: He likes cats.
All: (laugh)
Wooyoung: Is this Junho’s introduction? (laugh)
Chansung: As he is family-oriented, he now owns a cat and really cares for it, so seeing that I thought “Wow, he’s really family-oriented.” Therefore, cats and family?
Taecyeon: Can’t you just say “Cat Man”? (laugh)
Chansung: Ah, I just thought of something good! “Considerate Man.”
Junho: Nice~ (strongly gives Chansung a handshake)
Taecyeon: Now it’s time for Junho to give me a catchphrase! Yes, what kind of man am I? (drumming the desk)
Junho: (immediate reply) “Uncomplicated Man.”
All: (laugh)
Chansung: “Simple Man.”
Junho: That’s good, too~
Taecyeon: That’s not good at all. Please give me one that’s better suited!
Junho: Then, “Simple Man”? [t/n: This time Junho used the English word for “simple.”]
Taecyeon: It’s what’s inside your head that’s simple (empty)! They’re all the same. All I can see it as is “Lamentable Man”!
Chansung: But uncomplicated has more substance than simple, right?
Taecyeon: No, I’m actually jam-packed with substance, alright?!
Jun. K: Ah, I thought of something! “Ambiguous Man”!!
All: (laugh)
Taecyeon: That’s even worse!
Junho: I understand. Then, (reluctantly) “Clever Man.”
Taecyeon: (self-satisfied smile)
Chansung: It feels like you were forced to say it, right?
Junho: However, Taecyeon is truthfully very smart.
Taecyeon: Junho is “Man Who Completely Understands Me” (laugh).

—-Now then, Taecyeon who is now in a pleasant mood. Please give Nichkhun a lovely catchphrase.
Taecyeon: He likes Mickey Mouse. And he likes Disneyland, too (on this day, Nichkhun wore a Mickey mouse sweatshirt and knit cap).
Jun. K: So you just said yourself what kind of “__ Man” he is (laugh).
Taecyeon: I guess so (laugh).
Chansung: I suppose he’s “Lamentable Man” (laugh).
Taecyeon: Umm~ (stares at Nichkhun for a short while) “A Man Who Likes Cute Things, With a Personality like a Flame.”
Wooyoung: That’s too long~
Junho: What about “Global Man”?
Nichkhun: I like that! (goes right through Taecyeon who is still in the middle of thinking) Then, I’ll say a short catchphrase for Wooyoung!

—-Please do.
Nichkhun: “Artistic Man.” Wooyoung’s releasing his solo single in Japan soon, and the world view in his songs is extremely artistic and cool!
Wooyoung: Nichkhun, thank you~!

Taecyeon played a prank on Wooyoung who was taking a nap!

—-Well then, do you have any recollections of something one of the members did to you that they were “guilty” of?
Taecyeon: It’s not something that was done to me but something that I did myself — I played a joke on Wooyoung who was deeply asleep by drawing something on his face.

—-What kind of picture did you draw?
Taecyeon: I drew a mustache around his mouth and eyes on his eyelids.

—-Wasn’t Wooyoung surprised when he woke up?
Wooyoung: Anyone who has that kind of thing drawn on them would be surprised. I’m no exception, so I was naturally surprised (laugh). However, I was faintly conscious at the time and thought, “Ah, am I being drawn on?” Despite that, my eyelids were heavy, and not being able to open my eyes like that, when I finally came to I had slept like that until the morning (laugh).
Nichkhun: On top of that, Wooyoung’s mom suddenly visited the dorm.

—-At that time?!
Taecyeon: It was the exact day of his birthday.

—-I see. Was his mother alright?
Taecyeon: No, she was taken by surprise and the whole dorm was in an uproar (laugh).
Junho: He’s completely “guilty.” There’s also something I want to apologize for. During a tour, Jun. K and I shared the same hotel room and since the bathroom had a glass door, when Jun. K was taking a shower I stood still in front of the bathroom and…
Taecyeon: “Erotic Man,” I see (laugh).
All: (simultaneously) Unbelievable~
Junho: No! It’s a misunderstanding~
All: (goes through) Unbelievable~ (laugh).
Junho: Listen properly to the whole story! Wanting to surprise Jun. K, I stood looking at him for 5 minutes, but he stared at the wall the whole time he was showering and didn’t notice my existence at all.
Jun. K: Speaking of which, I notice here and there that Junho has been watching me (laugh).
Junho: Wait a second! 5 minutes is an exaggeration, maybe it was more like 30 seconds?
Wooyoung: It doesn’t change much of anything either way (laugh).

—-Basically, Junho is constantly awaiting the chance to pull a prank on Jun. K.
Taecyeon: (going right through Junho) Anyway, onto the next question please~!

—-Now, the lyrics in “Guilty Love” say “Your dangerous scent is making me get serious.” What do each of you feel is a woman’s dangerous charm?
Jun. K: I think it’s dangerous for all women who live alone. It always come hand in hand with danger, so…
All: (explosive laughter)
Taecyeon: Not a dangerous place, a charm!
Jun. K: (after understanding the meaning of the question) Oh, that’s what it is (laugh). For me it’s when she puts her hair behind her ear (mimics the action with his hand). What about Taecyeon?
Taecyeon: When I smell her scent when she passes by, like perfume, etc.

—-Is there a scent you like?
Taecyeon: No~pe…….
Wooyoung: Aromatic?
Junho: Deodorant?
Chansung: Mouthwash?
Taecyeon: That’s why I said perfume! Anything is fine as long as it matches the person.

Which member is bad at lying and gets caught right away?

—-In “Guilty Love” the lyrics say “Because I can’t lie to your eyes.” Please tell us about lies the members have said. Also, which member is the worst (gets caught quick) at lying?
All: Jun. K!

—-Your voices were uniform (laugh).
Chansung: For example, when we’re waiting at the recording studio, we catch him lying, saying “I’m almost there~” before he’s even left the house.
Nichkhun: Also, when we were trainees Jun. K received American candy from a fan. All of the members at the time were really into that candy and were really happy, so we all divided up and ate it. Jun. K had said “This is all of it” and went ahead to take a shower, and when I entered the bathroom next, I saw a ton of empty candy wrappers in the bathroom’s waste basket. Basically, Jun. K lied to us and secretly secured and ate the candy by himself.
Taecyeon: He’s the “Bad Man” (laugh).

—-The fact that Jun. K would throw it away where the other members can find out shows his naiveté, and in the end his lies can’t be penetrated.
Nichkhun: Jun. K is naturally kind and will divide presents he’s received with us. Even if we can’t tell he’s lying, he’s truly a great older brother who is thoughtful of his younger brothers. However, I guess he became a captive to the candy’s dangerous charms, that’s all (laugh).
Jun. K: It seems like there’s an eraser inside my head (laugh), and I absolutely don’t remember what I’ve done in the past. However, I don’t really eat candy anymore.
Probably because you ate too much by yourself (laugh).
Wooyoung: Okay, next~ (laugh).

—-Now, in “365” the lyrics say “I’ll protect you,” but were you able to protect a member from a crisis, or have you been saved by a member?
Wooyoung: There’s nothing in particular.
Taecyeon: The members always help each other, though.
Junho: However, that’s a given since it’s an everyday thing for us.

—-Your mutual trust relationship is amazing. Now, here is the last question. There’s a part of the lyrics in “Guilty Love” that says “rising spirit.” Please tell us what recent happening made your spirits rise.
Junho: I made a new family by getting a cat, and lately I’ve been in high spirits all the time. However, since I’m separated from my cat right now I’m lonely. He’s so precious that I don’t want to spend a single moment apart from him but it can’t be helped.

—-When you go home and see your cat, what is the very first thing you will do?
Hug and kiss him (laugh).
Chansung: I recently moved. When I decided to move, my mood was lifted by the new environment, but my luggage isn’t in order at all right now, so it’s thrilling thinking about when I will be done (laugh).
Wooyoung: Since it’s nearing the release date of my Japan solo single I’m worried but even more than that I’m looking forward to it and I’m in high spirits.
Taecyeon: Everyone, please support Wooyoung’s solo as well~!
All: Please think kindly of Wooyoung~!

—-What about Jun. K?
Jun. K: I’m in high spirits as 2PM’s arena tour approaches. We’re currently making preparations in order to show our new image, so please anticipate it and wait for us.

—-Now, Taecyeon.
Taecyeon: I recently went to a birthday party for Junho and Jun. K, and as I like planning birthday parties for the members, it really lifted my mood. Since I’m preparing for Chansung’s birthday as well, I’m polishing different areas of the plan now. Besides that, because 2PM’s schedule is jam-packed, I’m excited and thrilled about the various activities coming up in 2015 and I’m in high spirits!
Chansung: Taecyeon was the “Clever Man” after all (laugh).
Taecyeon: Just as I said, right?
Junho: He’s so cool he has to say so himself, though (laugh).

Source: Oricon

JPN-ENG: dawnjelly

Via: 2pmalways


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