[VID][TRANS] 150218 2PM Support for Wooyoung Solo Showcase Tour


Taecyeon: Nichkhun-san, please tell us the title of Wooyoung-san’s solo Showcase Tour!!
Nichkhun: R.O.S.E WOOYOUNG Japan Premium Showcase Tour 2015 is starting!!
Junho/Jun. K: WOOYOUNG! WOOYOUNG Japan Premium Showcase Tour 2015!!! 2015! Yo!! Let’s go! Wooyoung-san! Congratulations!
Taecyeon: How are you feeling??
Wooyoung: I’m really nervous. Although I’m nervous, I’m preparing a lot while thinking of Hottests! I want to show it to everyone quickly!!
Junho: Congratulations Wooyoung-san! Is there an area that you want us to pay attention to?
Wooyoung: Yes, there is. Starting with “R.O.S.E” which I composed, I will be performing a lot of songs! Please expect a lot from Wooyoung, everyone~
Chansung: 2PM will also be cheering a lot for our valuable member Wooyoung-san’s solo project! Wooyoung-san…
2PM: Fighting!!
Wooyoung: Everyone, 39 (thank you)!

Credit: alsk0614 Trans JPN-ENG by: JunkayStreet


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