[PICS][TRANS] Nichkhun & Taecyeon – Baila Magazine May Issue Unpublished Interview

Unpublished Interview:

Q: Something you want to do now?

Taecyeon: “I want to play piano well. I’m only making chords now so I want to play piano well too.. Though I’m using piano in composing songs (pretending to play chords piano with both hands) with jjan jjan! (chord sounds), I can’t make tararara~ (melody sounds) (pretending to play piano by moving his fingers effortlessly across piano keys) so I want to learn it.
I consider a man who can play piano is cool. Won’t playing piano can refine him… besides we have many of such men in 2PM. Nichkhun, Wooyoung also Jun. K! Though I play piano too… I only making a jjan! (bitter smile) and not a piano play of melodies!”

Nichkhun: “When i studied in USA, i learned about moulding. i moulded dish and glass. it’s the class of Abstract Art which i have to create the abstract work. it is created from our imagine. it doesn’t have rule. It’s art. I got good point from my work. It will be good, if i have art exhibition someday”

Trans by: nuneo2daKAY2PMnation


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