[SNS][TRANS] 150430 Nichkhun’s Fantalk

[TRANS] Fan: bless me for today exam. / NK: Good luck!

[TRANS] Fan: May you let me be your another younger sis? / NK: You sure you’re younger than me?

[TRANS] Fan: What are you doing? NK: Working.. Haha

[TRANS] Fan: Do you have 200? / NK: Salueng? (=quarter of Baht)

[TRANS] Fan: Khun ah I miss you. Khun: How much? keke

[TRANS] Fan: How come your legs are so long? keke Khun: Let me ask my mom and I’ll tell you.

[TRANS] Fan: I’m on diet. Any suggestion? Ha~~i’m serious! / NK: It won’t work if you ask from me.

[TRANS] Fan: What birthday gift you give Wooyoung today? / NK: Warmth… from heattech

[TRANS] Fan: Please say something for Wooyoung oppa! Khun: He’s right beside me. I have already told him.~

[TRANS] Fan: It’s ok if you don’t reply me. Please use twitter often. Khun: keke. Ok!

THAI-ENG by: peary_prae


CHN-THAI by: Ropani_Pokky


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