[TRANS] NYLON Thailand vol. 3 no. 27 May 2015 – Nichkhun’s Interview


Interview with Nichkhun:

Q. We have seen Nichkhun’s works in many countries such as Korea, Japan, Thailand & China during the past 2-3 years, so we would like to know that working in each country is same or different?

Khun: I think It’s same in the point that everyone wants his work to be the best so I think it isn’t too much different. And in the point of different, I think it’s language and culture.

Q. What is your feeling when working with Thai staf?

Khun: I feel amiable like working in my home. It’s the most heart warming. As I debut in Korea, it’s make me heart warming too. But I am not good in Korean like Thailand eventhough I can speak and communicate, so I think working in Thailand is the most comfortable.

Q.  Besides difference in language, what is the challenge working in each country?

Khun:  Maybe it’s how to win the heart of fans in each country. Because of the difference in interest so I study their interests to make fans impressed. In my opinion, Korean fans like something that is nice,  Thai fans like something that is friendly, and Japanese fans like one who can speak Japanese.

Q. What do you learn from working in different environment?

Khun: I learn a lot. I learn how they live through working in their country. I also learn their culture. it widens my mind and my understanding. When someone do wrongly, I understand immediately that everyone is difference. Growing in difference place makes everyone has difference behaviour. You have your own character, while I have my own character. Some situation I am maybe wrong while others are right. It’s understanding each other.

Q. How about filming ‘Chalui-Touch the Sky’?

Khun: When I first met P’Uncle, the director of this movie, he told me that he used to produce the first episode of ‘Chalui’. He wants me to join this new project. I think this movie can be the inspiration of the young blood. When they watch it, they will feel like everything their dream or they want to be, they can make it true if they try utterly. For the dream that I spoke, it doesn’t have to be an actor or actress but also mean everything that you want to make it true.

Q. How about acting the role as Nichkhun?

Khun: I feel good acting as myself. There is he fun scene that I act as I’m the pizza delivery man. I act extremely and don’t follow the whole script. I acted besides stated in the script. It’s so fun.

Q. Besides this movie, do you have any upcoming works?

Khun: We are now preparing for new album that will be released on this June and also have a concert in Korea and Japan. And for the Thai fans please stay tuned for the good news. =]

Trans THAI-ENG by: 2PMnation


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