[STARCAST] 2PM’s live broadcast venue! Knock knock welcome to ‘My House’

Last June 15th at 9pm, 2PM comeback special! ‘2PM CAST’ was held at Twice.
It was a live broadcast which ran under NAVER ‘STARCAST’ first comeback stage.
On the day at the venue there were many cameras and staffs got set up to welcome 2PM members who came back after their 9 months of hiatus from the K-pop scene.
With no pretense! And no frill! We just filmed 2PM’s as-it-is, aka beagle like charm in STARCAST camera.
Their official 5th album’s title song is ‘My House’!
STARCAST live broadcast ran in the place that is as comfortable as ‘My House’!
We are revealing 2PM members’ lovely look that we wanted to see over and over again from now on.
# ‘My House’ STUDIO A.: The keyword is recent condition talk!

The members got a mission to complete prior to their first comeback stage.
The rule was that they can hold a comeback stage if they win the game!
Tik- tok –tik- tok! Taecyeon and Chansung are settling their mind and body prior to play the game!
? They are progressing very fast from the start. What is with the sensuality that is came out from them with just a touch that passed by quickly?
The two guys who have a gigantic irresistible charm! (Aren’t they too hot?)
Here Taecyeon! Is trying to provoke as putting his hand on his chest! The rate is getting higher and higher.
The sexy beagle-like men~ turned into an Ok-Stupid-cute guy!
He put on a wicked smile after reading the comment that got posted during the live broadcast~
Even if he turned into an Ok stupid-cute guy his visual is very extreme! How can he look so sexy like that?
While the members’ beagle like charm exploded during the Keyword talk time!
Jun.K was looking at one spot with his pleasing face!
He is pleased with the fans’ right-away-response aka comments.
And his sexy chest cleavage! (What should we do with this guy with plentiful charms?)
Here is the never-ending ‘smile attack’!!
This is what we call a treasure! His juicy-refreshing angel like smile heats up fans’ minds even hotter, right?
Are you an angel, seriously!? Where did you come from!
Junho’s smile that is priceless is again blows our mind.
# ‘My House’ STUDIO B. : Let’s become one in body and soul via playing Telepathy game~
We are going to capture the members’ serious look who is running the telepathy game! This guy who made his picture a photo shoot just by holding a sketch book! It is Nichkhun the truth of handsome guy!   How can he look so handsome now just like before? If there is some change! He became too much! Handsome?
2PM members finally got a chance to introduce their track after the game.  They are talking about the title song ‘My House’ which is composed by Jun.K.  “The song My House is~ about a guy’s mind who fallen in love with a girl in a very honest and direct way”~~ (grumble grumble grumble)!!
2PM sang one measure from the each 12 tracks from their 5th official album in live! They are jumping excitedly as singing Jump as the last song~They groove whenever music is on~~(move it move it) shaking their fingers~~shaking their pelvis!
Now it is time to sing the title track ‘My Place’!  Wooyoung is singing the song with all his heart~ This day Wooyoung took double hosts role with Jun.K~ He was like a professional main host who took his role as being funny and serious according to the faced situation!
Here the youngest member Chansung took over the role after!  His charisma and distinct features are attracting our eyes! (His eyes that are attracting us, and his definite pose!!) Do you think it is fair to take a photo shoot when you sing?
# ‘My House’ STUDIO C. : Cocktail making competition!
After holding a comeback stage! The members got separated into three teams to hold a cocktail competition.  Nichkhun and Junho was one team! Nichkhun is looking at Junho with his lovely face~ Trying to have an eye contact~ Click with eyes! Junho and Nichkhun are boasting their sparkling visual even under the dark place as boating off their chest cleavage!
Here is Chansung and Taecyeon team! Ok three meals a day (!) is ordering “put more and more” The magic like order keeps Chansung’s hand busy. And Chansung who transformed as a sugar boy who goes beyond ‘Baek housewife’ (famous Korean cook)!
As leaving a scent of the members’ strong non-alcohol cocktail Jun.K and Wooyoung team is starting to make their drink! The duo who showed off their beagle-like side loaded back their charisma again and started to make their cocktail with a quite serious face.
And members had time to taste the drinks! (Grumble grumble)! ‘the very effective existence’ make us impossible to take our eyes off them.  The heart robbery criminal case where we like to call it as a best cut! The love shot which only can done by newlyweds?!!! They are making hard for us to get eyes off them.
We met Junho and Nichkhun who attacked girls’ mind after leaving the sweet newlyweds behind.
The two members who eye winked to us! The reason which made them mad was because of him! That guy (hint: Suga boy)
What happened to the members?
– What? All of sudden Taecyeon became Ok- stupid -cute -guy again!
Ok –three-meals-a day! You are not supposed to eat the lemon!! And Chansung who got super shocked!!
# ‘My House’ STUDIO D: Taking last shot after making a cute V pose for the camera!!
Oh my gosh!! The NAVER STARCAST live broadcast venue which couldn’t get ignored in every single aspect! 2PM who came back with their official 5th album NO.5! They came back nicer along with their got upgraded face and song writing skill. We covered every 2PM looks including the members being playful in every time they get a chance! Yet you don’t like to say by already? So here is the tip form God! 2PM is going to run a cook program at NAVER in this coming August~
Check the details from the original broadcast~

Source: starcast naver


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