[STARCAST] Real2PM My House- Taecyeon is introducing Ok-Stupid-cutie’s house in Jeongseon County

Did you guys have a good look at the cat’s butler Junho’s place which we introduced to you on last June 3rd~?
Today is the day to introduce you the third episode of “Real 2PM-My House”!

we are introducing Taecyeon’s second place~!
The place where he becomes stupid and cute whenever he is there (?)
We even met Taecyeon’s animals from the old goat Jackson, and the shy goat Diana to The 5 hens with its leader Matilda to Minky who grew up a lot in a short period of time!
Called out Love in the middle of love field with Taecyeon?!
The hearts start to beat faster just hearing about it!
We should watch the clip as soon as possible, right?
It’s alright! Let’s go to Taecyeon’s place~!

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