[TRANS] Na Youngsuk PD “Ok Taecyeon, The Energizer of Oksunbong”

Na Youngsuk PD, in charge of tvN ‘3 Meals a Day’ Jeongseon version production, lavished praises on maknae 2PM Ok Taecyeon.

During his recent interview in Seoul Samang-dong CJ E&M Center, Na PD said, “Ok Taecyeon is currently receving lots of love from the production crews. He stole our hearts.”

While assisting his close hyungs Lee Seojin and Kim Kwangkyu, ‘Young Blood’ Ok Taecyeon is in charge of the dirty houseworks in Jeongseon, Kangwon-do. He’s endlessly radiating his cute charms through ‘Ok Bingu’ character. The feedback from the crews in the form of loving is a matter of course.

About very cute Taecyeon, Na PD told, “The more you see Ok Taecyeon, the more fun it becomes. Lee Seojin and he have age gaps but he still radiates his charms while mantaining basic manners.”

Being together at Jeongseon, Taecyeon who has become even closer with Lee Seojin and Kim Kwangkyu, has shaken everything else and shown his liveliness while dancing his ‘Ok Bingu Dance.’

Na PD contentedly shared, “At the beginning, it was strange that he suddenly danced and I felt it that he keeps on doing that front of the camera, that is Ok Taecyeon moving his body when he feels sudden/impromptu excitement. He has had more varied emotional expressions too. Ok Taecyeon is ‘The Energizer of Oksunbong.'”

The silent worker Taecyeon is establishing his position as ‘Oksunbong Chef.’ Na PD laughed when sharing, “Ok Taecyeon’s cooking skill is far better than Lee Seojin’s. This is a well-known truth. Peeling potatoes is all Lee Seojin can do.”

Source: naver

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