[SNS][TRANS] 151123 Nichkhun’s Fantalk

[Trans] Fan: Is he your dog?/You adopted a dog? Khun: The dog belongs to a photographer ^^

[Trans] fan: where are you now? khun: right now, i’m at mapo~ keke am i being too detailed/specific? keke

[Trans] Fan: Is it cold in Korea? I want cold weather in Thailand too. Khun: It’s starting to get cold.

[Trans] Fan: When did you come to Thailand? Khun: When I deplaned. Hahahaha

[Trans] Fan: What will you do to stay alert when you are really sleepy? Khun: sleep..

[Trans] Fan: I am gaining weight. What should I do? //cry Khun: Whose sister gained weight? (The fan called herself ‘younger sister.’)

[Trans] Fan: Oppa, are you gonna reply in Korean now? If so, please reply me. kekekeke Khun: yes. kekekeke

[Trans] fan: are you going to okcat party? khun: if taecyeon treats me well ke

[Trans] fan: when are you coming to china? khun: i don’t know.. i want to go too..

[Trans] Fan: Please do Hotline Bling dance and post a video online. hahahaha Khun: Better not. I don’t want to be popular… XD



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