Nichkhun Profile


Birth Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkhul

  • Thailand: นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุลv
  • Korea: 닉쿤
  • Japan: ニックン

Birth Date: June 24th, 1988

Blood Type : O

Height/Weight: 180cm / 65kg

Religion: Buddhism

Language: Fluent in Thai, English, and Korean. Still learning Chinese and Japanese


  • Los Osos High School (USA)
  • A school in California (grade 9), USA (still unknown for fans)
  • Wanganui Collegiate School (a year and a half), New Zealand
  • Nawamintharachinutit Satriwittaya Phuttamonthon School (grade 7), Thailand
  • Tungpiruntham School (grade 5&6), Thailand
  • Thepkanchana School (prep-grade 4), Thailand


  • Father: Teeragiat Horvejkul
  • Mother: Yenjit Horvejkul
  • Siblings: Nichan Horvejkul (Chan), Nitikarn Horvejkul (Yanin), Nutcharee Horvejkul (Cherleen)

CF Song

  • We Become One – Corneto CF Song
  • Cute – Suzuki Jelato CF Song
  • Let’s Take a Break – TAT CF Song
  • Brands – Brands CF Song

Solo Song

  • Let It Rain (Grown Grand Edition)
  • So Wonderful (Genesis of 2PM)

Collaboration Song

  • My Valentine (with Taecyeon)

Composed Song

  • Let It Rain (Grown Grand Edition)

Variety Show

  • Yashimmanman Season 2 (2008)
  • Mnet Scandal (2009)
  • Sunday Sunday Night – Body Body Body (2009)
  • Star King (2009)
  • Danbi (2010)
  • MC for MCountdown (for 3 months, 2010)
  • We Got Married (2010-2011)
  • SBS Sitcom “Welcome to the Show” (Pilot Episode)


  • More Charming by The Day (cameo appearance, 2010)
  • All My Love (cameo appearance, 2010)
  • Dream High (cameo appearance, 2011)


  • Ouran High School Host Club (Ouran Koukou Hosutobu ) (Japanese movie) (2012)
  • Seven Something – GTH Movie (Thai movie) (2012)


  • One and A half Summer (China Drama, 2014)
  • Kindaichi Case File (Japan Special Drama, 2014)

Solo CF and Endorsement

  • Acuvue Contact Lens (Thailand)
  • Dutchmill with Rain (Thailand)
  • BSC Ice Shock (Thailand)
  • Splash Orange (Thailand)
  • Walls Cornetto (Thailand)
  • Splash Lemon (Thailand)
  • Mederma (for his family business) (Thailand)
  • Come to Thailand “Let’s take a break”, Tourism Authority of Thailand (Thailand)
  • Suzuki Jelato (Thailand)
  • It’s Skin
  • Minute Mate
  • Ottogi Boddle Boddle Cheese Ramen
  • Brands’
  • Baskins Robbins
  • LG U+ 002 (with his family)
  • Edwin (with Miss A)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Sumsung Multiview (Thailand)
  • Mitsubishi Mirage (Thailand)
  • Bench (Philippina)
  • Naver Line
  • I’M DAVID – The Basic House
  • YONEX Korea
  • Coca Cola Thailand


  • Friend of Unicef (Thailand)
  • KOICA (Korea)


Credit: Followkhun, 2PMalways,


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