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[AUDIO][TRANS] 150505 Taecyeon – 어린이날 (Children’s Day) for Hottest

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[Fancafe] 140213 Taecyeon Leave Audio Message on Fancafe for Hottest – Happy Valentine to You


Trans Message:

[Taecyeon] This is Oppa. Edited LOL

TY – Happy valentines to you.mp3

Oppa is filming a drama, upload your reviews in the cafe.
If there are 300 reviews uploaded after the first episode broadcast,
For the hard-working Hottest the grace of selfie will descend upon you~~~
Fufufu~~~ poof!

Gain weight while eating Valentine’s chocolate~~

Trans KOR-ENG by: 2PMalways

Trans Audio:  TY – Happy Valentine’s Day song

Yeah happy valentine’s day this is for you my hottest listen 조금 오랜만에 집에 들어와 작곡방에 들어가서 컴퓨터 키고 키보드 켜 보고 그런데 어머나(어머나) 이게 왠일(왠일이야) 내일이 발렌타인이네요

어쩌나요 사랑고백하고 초콜렛도 먹고 그래야 하는데 난 내일 뭐하게요 안 말해주지롱 내 맘이지롱 어쨌든 오빠다 후기 꼭 올려라 happy valentine’s to you happy valentine’s to you happy valentine’s to you. Happy Valentine’s to you. Happy Valentine’s~

English Translation: I went home after a long time and went into my composing room. I turned on the computer and turned on my keyboard too…But omona (omona) aka what’s this? (what’s this?) Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! What do I do? I should confess my love and give you chocolates but guess what I’m going to do? I’m not telling you~ It’s my heart. Anyways, it’s oppa. Make sure to put up your reviews!

Credit: 2ONEDAY

Trans KOR-ENG by: joannee@2ONEDAY.COM

Korean Lyrics by: wooninjaestation