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[TRANS] 2PM CanCam February 2015 Interview


From 2PM About 2PM

2PM Talks About 2PM

2PM is releasing their new song “Guilty Love” on January 28th.
Facing the 5th year since their Japan single debut, they talk about how they currently feel about the members and about themselves.
We’re reporting with plenty of the boys’ life-sized charms♥

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[TRANS] 2PM CanCam Magazine October 2014 Issue



Half a year since their last CanCam exclusive cover! 2PM members who fly overseas for performances or promotions.

Photograpeh good unchanging relationships of them, who are 6-years-debuted in Korea.

Style Check for the 6 people leaving on 2PM’s trip!

2PM wrapped in spring fashion trend.

Each of the 6 people’s chosen trunk, anticipation, and romance of “Traveling” are thrown in…♥

Jun. K “A beautiful colored trunk with a striped knitted wear will make a ”

Junho “Denim and shirt. A space for man through the extremely simple clothing”

Wooyoung “A lettering T-shirt with black jacket for a chic man look at the airport”

Taecyeon “A fitting jacket on a built body will show a man’s color”

Nichkhun “A fitting white pants X shirt will show natural resort style”

Chansung “Print T-shirt and damage denim will add the mood to play on a trip”
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[TRANS] CanCam March Issue 2PM Interview


NICHKHUN x logo knit

When [she] comes out of the dressing room and says “How’s this?” it’s a little exciting…♥

Almost like, “Want to wear it as a pair?”♪


Q. What clothing have you bought recently? A. Duffel coat! Q. Do you go shopping with the members? A. I’m not really the type to go shopping…. However, I go with Wooyoung to interior shops, etc. Q. Do you usually wear logo knit? A. Actually, the clothes I was wearing today were just like this (laugh)! A white knit sweater and denim. I like girls who wear knit, too. Q. Do you want to try a pair look? A. (shy)! If I get a girlfriend, I want to try.


Q. How many dates does it take for you to confess your feelings? A. 2. Q. What would you do if your girlfriend told you to change your hairdo or clothes? A. I would change it immediately!Q. What scent do you like for a girl? A. A sweet, fruity scent. Q. When you were a student, what did you think would make you popular? A. Sports! I played badminton♪ Recently, I was invited by JY Park, and Chansung, Wooyoung, and I played together with him (laugh).


Q. What song on the album do you like? A. “Only Girl.” I like the soft, sweet melody Shim Eunji created. Q. Tell us a story about your solo song, “SO WONDERFUL”! A. Actually, Jun.K made the song for me, and the original demo was so well done…it was hard for me to record (laugh). I plan to do a sexy performance this time♥ Q. You recently appeared in the Japanese drama “Kindaichi Case Files”! What might you do next? A. Maybe a love comedy or action movie.


Taecyeon x parka

I would get hungry from being tired for Shanghai spicy chicken and burgers (laugh).

Then I would definitely order a liter of coke on set♪


Q. What have you bought recently? A. I bought a bag as a present for my parents. Q. The next time you buy a parka, what color would you get? A. Black! Q. How would you want a girl to wear a parka? A. Any way as long as she coordinates it well. Q. Give us a catchphrase for today’s outfit! A. “The regular life of a beast idol that doesn’t look it whatsoever.” Q. What if your girlfriend’s style wasn’t to your liking? A. We would go shopping and I could come up to her with the clothing I liked and say, “How about this?” Q. Which member looks the best in parkas? A. Jun.K. He often wears clothes with unique colors!


Q. How would you invite out a girl you’re interested in by email? A. “How about a movie?” or something (laugh)! I’m the type to call rather than email. Q. What if your girlfriend told you to change your hairdo or fashion? A. Since I don’t have any fixations with fashion, I would compromise with her. However, my hairstyle has to do with work, so~ (laugh)! Q. Where would you go for a winter date? A. I want to go see Jun.K’s musical. Q. What scent do you like for a girl? A. A sweet scent. Since a scent that’s too strong will make my head hurt, it’d be great if it’s barely noticeable!


Q. What song on the album do you like most? A. The song Wooyoung made, “Merry-go-round,” and “Only Girl.” Q. Tell us a story about when you were composing your solo song “It’s Only You”! A. A junior artist from my agency, Yerin (15&), featured on it, but I was surprised at how well my voice and rapping matched with her voice (laugh). Q. What if you did your own original show? A. It would be a show that reports on hot spots of the world that cannot be found inside a guidebook. The place I want to go to most right now is Istanbul.

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[NEWS] 140120 2PM Becomes First Korean Stars to Grace Cover of Japan’s ‘CanCam’ Magazine


For the first time ever for a Korean star, 2PM graced the cover of Japan’s popular magazine, CanCam.

2PM appeared on the cover of CanCam’s March issue as revealed on January 20. The editorial staff atCanCam stated through JYP Entertainment, “Ever since we found out about 2PM the group, the scale was pretty big. We wanted to express all of 2PM’s overwhelming atmosphere and masculine sexiness.”

CanCam first began in 1982 and rose to become a popular magazine in Japan.

“We are always working hard to create new images and new music for the people who are always supporting us. Thank you for the big love and support. We’ll become a 2PM who will work even harder,” said the 2PM members.

Meanwhile, 2PM will begin its arena tour in Nagoya starting January 27.

Credit: Mwave