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[NEWS] 140403 2PM Nichkhun Becomes New Face of Coca Cola Thailand


[by Chloe Yun] 2PM’s Nichkhun has been chosen as a new model of Coca Cola Thailand.

Coca Cola, the biggest drink brand in Thailand, announced that Nichkhun will be the main model for its special large-scale advertisement for 2014 World Cup. With Bang Kok as the center, it officially started the advertisement and promotion with the K-pop star this March.

Nichkhun has been getting so much love from female fans both in Korea and Thailand for his handsome face, gentle attitude, and masculine charm. He has been an ambassador of various brands including snack, electronics, cosmetics, drink, and automobile.

Meanwhile, Nichkhun’s group 2PM worked with Coca Cola Korea as the brand model from 2010 to 2012 expressing its powerful energy and sexy masculine charm. (photo by Coca Cola)


[English Version] An Interview With Nichkhun In Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Press Conference


Q: Coming to Thailand this time, will you stay here long?
A: No. I’m going back today and I am glad I came back here to work. I get to see my fans and media people. I got to work with Mum, Ice, Ploy and J. It’s fun, coming back this time.

Q: How long have you been back?
A: Just one day.

Q: Just came back for one day and came to this event?
A: Yes. Earlier we held a concert in Japan so I flew right from Japan to Thailand. And today I’ll be flying to Vietnam (laughs). We’ve got to perform there.

Q: Is it about drama or movies?
A: No. It’s a stage performance.

Q: What about your current activities? You will make a comeback?
A: We’ll make a comeback next month. Recording and MV shooting are done. And also, my Chinese drama will air in July. But I’m not sure when it will be aired in Thailand.

Q: Could you tell the name of the drama?
A: Its English name is ‘One and a Half Summer.

Q: There’s a kiss scene with the lead actress in this drama, right?
A: Hahaha yes. Only one scene.

Q: How it is being an ambassador for Coca Cola? How was the atmosphere on the shooting day?
A: Actually, that day I was shooting with only Mum because others weren’t available. The atmosphere was very amusing. Mum is very funny and friendly. And the shooting were done so fast.

Q: Could you tell the incident when fire broke out on the MV shooting day?
A: At the shooting scene, the wall was soundproof and it’s made of something like sponge. The firework was used so that’s why the fire broke out. But no one got hurt or injured. We helped put out the fire which was fun in a way (laughs). It wasn’t that severe. When the fire was extinguished, we checked that no one got hurt and continued shooting.

Q: Who was the first to go put out the fire? Does the news seem quite scary and shocking to you?
A: It didn’t seem to be that serious because no one got hurt and the fire wasn’t that immense. I think it’s Taec who got to the fire first. Among the members, Taec and Junho were the first ones. As for me, I was still confused. Did the fire really break out? Haha

Q: You were with them in the scene?
A: Yes. I was standing nearby. At that moment, Chansung was shooting one scene and there were so many supporting actors. Then the fire broke out and everybody ran out.

Q: How do you feel after being away for a long period?
A: We’ve been away for almost a year. The latest album was released around last year. I am happy to make a comeback soon. We’re preparing for concert tours. Definitely coming to hold one in Thailand. Please wait for a little bit.

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