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[VID][ENG SUB] Nichkhun – KBS ‘Cool Kiz on the Block’ Badminton Special (2013-2014)

Cool Kiz on the Block – Ep.14: Badminton School with 2PM (2013.07.23)

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[NEWS] 140115 ‘Arts and Physical Education’ Nichkhun, Skills that even Shocked Professional Players “Maybe the God have given it to him”

[OSEN=Kwon Ji Young] Nichkhun showed outstanding skills in ‘Arts and Physical Education’.

In KBS 2TV Entertainment program ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ that aired on January 14th, ‘Badminton Returns-All Star super match’, which Kang Ho Dong, Lee Man Ki, MAX, John Park, Nichkhun, Chansung, Park Joo Bong, Kim Dong Moon, Lee Dong Soo, Ha Tae Gwon, Lee Yong Dae and Yoo Yeon Sung and so on participated, took place.

On this day, Nichkhun showed skills that even shocked the professional players. Lee Dong Soo and Nichkhun had a match against Ha Tae Gwon and Lee Man Ki. They played in a way that reduced the morale of the other team and shocked everyone.

Chansung said “Nichkhun, maybe the God have given it to him” and highly complimented his skills.

Also, after receiving the ball backwards, Lee Dong Soo went ahead by showing a skill of attacking right away and made everyone stand up from their seats.

Credit: Naver Starcast

[NEWS] Nichkhun’s Badminton Skill, even the ‘Arts and Physical Education’ Legends were Shocked.. ‘Incredible’

[OSEN=Kim Kyung Joo] Nichkhun from an idol group 2PM showed outstanding badminton skill and drew attention.

On KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education (‘Arts and Physical Education’) that aired on January 7th, Nichkhun showed surprising skills that was enough to even shock the badminton coaches Park Joobong, Kim Dongmoon, Ha Taegwon, Lee Dongsoo and the badminton players Yoo Yeon Sung and Lee Yong Dae.

On this day, ‘Arts and Physical Education’ divided into blue team and red team and played a badminton match. Nichkhun, who is in the blue team, daringly tried an attack with a smash whenever he had a chance, which raised the score. As a result, he felt the joy of winning the first match.

Not only that, in a match in which he teamed up with Lee Dong Soo, Nichkhun wildly attacked while getting help from Lee Dong Soo and has made the ones watching admire.

When people saw this, they showed reactions saying “Nickhun’s badminton skill is amazingly good”, “Nichkhun’s badminton skill is the bomb. I thought I was looking at a real badminton player” and “Nichkhun’s badminton skill is similar to the level of badminton players” and so on.

Credit : Naver Starcast

[NEWS] ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ Nichkhun, The return of the good-looking shuttlecock.. ‘The vibe of a prince


[OSEN=Park Jung Sun] As a ‘Good-looking shuttlecock’, Nichkhun from group 2PM will return through KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’.

In ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’s ‘Badminton returns- All-star super match’ that recently took place, Nichkhun showed off the looks of a prince and have competed against the national-treasure level badminton players such as coach Park Joobong, Kim Dong Mun, Ha Tae Kwon and Lee Yong Dae and so on.

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[NEWS][TRANS] Nichkhun – Cool Kiz on the Block


The long awaited KBS Cool Kiz on the Block – Comeback of the badminton will be aired on the 7th of Jan. In this special, other than Korean badminton legend Park Joo Bong,Kim Dong Mun and so forth ,world’s number 1 Lee Yongdae will also be involved in this fight of the Century.

In the midst of all these, 2PM Nichkhun’s “Badminton visual” is also what netizens have been talking about. On the 6th, the look of Nichkhun and the the badminton racket in sync of one body, looking at his opponent intensely it seems that he enjoys the atmosphere of this tense competition.

This recording, Nichkhun will show his strength in badminton something which he wasn’t able to show previously and brings the visual adrenalin rush for the audience. Nichkhun’s agile smashes show his prowess, impressing Park Joo Bong and the rest. At the same time, Lee Yongdae reveals a look of tension after watching Nichkhun’s competition.

KBS Cool Kiz production team has declare this competition, the best there ever was and the best there ever will be.Hope everyone will support this “Badminton Finals” showing on 7th of Jan at 11pm.

Credit : Newsen

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