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[SCANS] Taecyeon – ‘F to F’ Magazine August 2014 Issue

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[TRANS] F to F Magazine (June 2014 Issue) – Taecyeon interview


Taecyeon – 2PM [결혼전야 – Marriage Blue]

The topic today is of course about Taecyeon’s first movie.

Finally, ‘결혼전야 ~Marriage Blue~’ is going on screen in Japan from 10th of May.

Let’s hear about his feeling of debuting in movie, and also about love.

 If Joo Jihoon is ‘active’ character, I will be ‘inactive’ role.

Please tell us the reason and the feeling when you chose this movie.

When I read the scenario, I felt in love with Woncheol character and very soon decided to be in this movie. I wanted to show the acting world another image of me, instead of the “beastly” image that people see me as an artist. When I see myself on big screen, even though I thought “still long way to go”, I still felt so happy. I was impressed by one of the line of Woncheol: “The common point between love and cooking is even with the same recipe, the result could be totally different”. My dad got married when he was 27, so I thought I would have married at around that age too. However right now my thinking has changed a bit. With the experience when acting in the couples’ stories in Marriage Blue, I felt like I could actually experience things that I never had chance to do before. I was surprise to know the decision to getting married of a couple is such a big issue like that. Different religions, age-gap, and even (in movie) getting married with girl from Uzbekistan as international marriage. With married people in real life, they feel the same and agree with the story, while with me as single, of course those issues still vague, but I think I can understand well about marriage.

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[SCANS][TRANS] F to F June 2014 Issue – 2PM (MCOUNTDOWN No. 1 Artist Of Spring 2014)


Once 4minute increase the heat of the audience, finally it’s the cast of the day last artist, 2PM. After being charmed by the dance using chairs in “하. 니.뿐 (ADTOY)”, the venue became one while lifting their hands up through “Hands Up”. In “10 out of 10” (edited in the broadcast), added with fellow artists from the same company, GOT7 and Sunmi, it’s like JYPNation mode. It became a lively stage performance. 6

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