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[TRANS] 2PM Interview with Dailynews


Q: What’s the difference between GO CRAZY world tour and 2PM’s previous tours?

Jun. K: “Since this album is much more colourful and lively than our previous albums, GO CRAZY world tour should not be dark and intense only. We have consulted each other how to design our shows. They should be so impressive and satisfying that, after the concert, our fans will go home with a big smile on their faces.”

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[TRANS] 141015 2PM’s Interview with Thairath Newspaper


Q: You said you showed your true identities in this album. What do fans not know about you guys?

Jun. K: “Nichkhun looks nice and cute but in reality he has a manly and dark side too. He’s not always soft.” (smile) Continue reading [TRANS] 141015 2PM’s Interview with Thairath Newspaper