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[Trans] 140322 2PM (-Taecyeon) – HEC Korea Festival in Vietnam Press Conference

2PM finally comes to Vietnam. 2PM has received many congratulations for their Arena tour and also from the drama ‘Wonderful Days’ Taecyeon.

2PM: Hello we are 2PM!

Q: This is the first question that the reporters sent to 2PM. This is the first time 2PM comes and performs in Vietnam. What do you think about Vietnamese Hottest?

Jun. K: Yes. We have been received lots of supports from you guys via SNS. And today we can meet you all for the first time, we are very happy and honor. We hope that everyone will have a great time enjoying the concert tonight.

Nichkhun: I have visited Vietnam 7 years ago. Now I can comeback here again. I’m very happy.

Q: Here is the second question for 2PM. It is said that 2PM will make a comeback in the first half-year. Can you please share your thought on your upcoming comeback?

Junho: mic test a..a..a..! We’re planning at the end of April. So at the end of April, we will bring a new image to you guys. It will be unconventional and even a little crazy. Hope you all will love this new concept.

Q: And this is the third question. Do you have any plan to hold a concert in Vietnam?

Junho: This time comes to Vietnam, we can feel the ardor of our Vietnamese fans, and we are very happy about that. Therefore, we hope that we can comeback to Vietnam again, and hold a concert for our fans. If we hold a concert, will you come? Applause

Q: This is the last question for 2PM. Vietnam is the first destination of HEC, what is your expectation about this?

Wooyoung: For the purpose of HEC, we hope that we can expand the Hallyu wave, and introduce Kpop to more and more people. Since Vietnam is the first destination, we can have more inspiration and love from everyone. Hope everyone will show us the support.

Q: This is the last question. Please send your greetings.

Chansung: This is our first time to Vietnam. We have received lots of love. We are very happy. We hope we’ll have a chance to come and perform in Vietnam again

Credit: ION

Trans VIET-ENG by: MikkiTran