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[VID] Taecyeon – HIGH CUT vol.148

Credit: HIGHCUTmagazine


[VID] 2PM High Cut Vol. 26 Digital Version (iPad App)

Credi: nuneo007


[VID] 2PM HIGH CUT VOL. 26 Behind The Scene

Credit: High Cut


[PICS] 2PM for HIGH CUT Vol 126

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Credit: High Cut




Journalist’s Cover Story

It’s been a long while since the last pictorial with the “full 2PM”. I wondered what image we should strive for.

A pictorial with macho men who really fit the beastly idols image? “2PM time ticks backwards”, “Sugary cute and sweet guy”?

“Gentlemen style that even makes the English gentlemen cry”? But when I think about it, we really had a lot of powerful photo shoots with photos that “caught the right angle”, and yet it doesn’t seem like there have been a lot of pictorials that would have emphasized carefree and soft image. That’s right, the 2PM that we know have an overflowing charisma on stage, but in real life they are gentle and kind men. “It feels like you’re mine and yet you’re not, but it seems like you are” kind of thing.

Thankfully, it seems like the heroes of our pictorial like the concept and the style as well. It’s been a while (personally, the first time in 5 years for me). The 2PM that we’ve met were all mature and relaxed. Wooyoung quietly read a book waiting for his turn; Jun. K was absorbed into listening to the music through his earphones. Pressed by the drama filming schedule, Taecyeon was trying quickly to catch up on the lack of sleep; Chansung seriously monitored his own pictures. Also, (perhaps because he’s in love lately?) Nichkhun was carefully going through the selected clothes, showing his great interest in fashion.

But what would be the reason why this image looks even better than the previous boiling-blood feisty look that made pheromones pop? A man that makes a woman’s heart beat faster just by standing still. At some point, 2PM became real men.

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[SCANS] 2PM – ‘HIGH CUT’ Vol. 126 June 2014 Issue (Korea Version)


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