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[NEWS VID] 150424 eNews24 – Lee Jung Jin; More of JJ Gallery (includes pictures from JYPN concert 2014)

Credit: babochan bear


[STARCAST] 2PM – JYPNation ‘ONE MIC’ Concert in Bangkok BTS

Hello, STARCAST readers!
Have you had a merry Christmas? Now, there are only a few days left in 2014.
Are you all well preparing for the New Year? Friends are fine and lovers are lovely. But still, it would be the happiest moment to stay with the family at the end of the year. All the artists of JYP are a kind of big family. From the head, JYP PD to the youngest, Bernard Park, everyone is heartwarming family who relies on each other, sharing the dream.
This year, we have held the family concert titled ‘2014 JYP Nation-One Mic-’, starting from Seoul to many Asian countries. And our last family concert of this year was held in Impact Arena, Bangkok of Thailand on last 13th. This day, the very special guest attended to the concert. Guess who? It was the actor Lee Jung Jin, the big brother of JYP artists.

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