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[VID] K-WAVE with Taecyeon

3-6-2015 5-12-38 PM

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[Article] KWAVE Magazine March 2014 Issue – “Royal Highness Taecyeon”


“We are tired of the term ‘beast idol’.  Do not be confused: on the stage or a movie set, wherever he is, Taecyeon is just Taecyeon.

Taecyeon is that kind of person

Beast idol.  This is the first word that pops up into our heads when we think of Taecyeon.  What does ‘beast’ mean?  In the dictionary, it says it is a term to describe ‘a four-footed homoeothermic animal’, or ‘a very violent or uncivilized person’.  But how many people would think that the term ‘beast idol’, referring to Taecyeon, has the same meaning as this?  The term ‘beast idol’ that ornaments his name is very far from the dictionary definition.  He ended up assigning new meaning to the term ‘beast’.

A strong body, a positive mind, faithfulness.  This is the image we have of Taecyeon.  Diligence has become a habit.  With him, there is no irritation or moaning.  There is only laughter in places he has passed.

Taecyeon: “I am always thankful that the work I do and the things I want to do are flowing in a positive direction.  I want to attempt to do more things.  And I want to have good results.”  Someone who can brush aside any hardship or trial.  Taecyeon is that kind of person.

GENESIS OF 2PM takes up 1st place in the Oricon charts in Japan

Born in December 27, 1988.  He is 27 in Korean age this year.  After immigrating to the US when he was young, he completed middle and high school there and made a debut with 2PM’s single album Hottest Time of the Day in 2008 after returning to Korea.  Starting with the first full-length album with the title song “Heartbeat” that made 2PM the 2PM it is today, he continued his career with the second full-length album Hands Up in 2011 and the third full-length album GROWN in 2013.  Not only this, GENESIS OF 2PM – the third full length Japanese album that was recently released – recorded sales of 63,000 copies and ranked number one in the Oricon chart in Japan, again confirming the ‘2PM power’.  63,000 tops the sales of 51,000 copies sold of the second full-length Japanese album LEGEND OF 2PM, released last February.  The fourth national tour in Japan that was held with the release of GENESIS OF 2PM gathered over 150,000 fans in 14 performances in five cities.

Taecyeon: “To me, 2PM is family.  Brothers and rivals at the same time, and friends that I can pour my heart out to. (laughs)”

We cannot talk about Taecyeon without talking about 2PM.  2PM and its members are what help him endure through the countless schedules of films, dramas, etc.

Every moment like it’s the first and last

Of course, Taecyeon’s career does not only consist of his work with 2PM.  He has portrayed diverse characters such as the role of Han Jungwoo in Cinderella’s Sister (2010), Jinguk in Dream High (2011), Cha Geonwoo in Who Are You (2013) and Kang Donghee in Wonderful Days that started airing February 22.  Particularly in the movie Marriage Blue (2013) and the entertainment program We Got Married, we got to see the rare romantic side of Taecyeon.  Not only music activities in Korea and Japan, but also dramas and movies!  I think he is a ‘workaholic idol’.

Taecyeon: “I’m not sure.  If I only acted, I could have time to try harder and afford leisure.  But I am not anxious.  The time I spend with my members when I am on stage as 2PM, the wild applause we get from our fans, these things have their very own charm.  And I am also fascinated with the process of concentrating when I’m filming dramas and movies.  I think music and acting both influence each other and help me create emotions.  A desire to become number one?  I don’t have that.  I just wish to be happy every single moment of my life.”

He is a workaholic idol.  Don’t they say that in whatever field, an ‘enjoyer’ is stronger than a ‘hard worker’?  Here you go.  Taecyeon is absorbed into having a fun conversation with the staff even in the short periods of time during a photoshoot.  He is truly enjoying himself.  Like every moment is the first and last.

Taecyeon, in which there is another ‘Taecyeon’

Taecyeon likes reading webtoons and wants to learn how to cook in the future.  At times, he seems brusque and calm, but there is another ‘Taecyeon’ inside.  This is what we call true softness.  All of a sudden, I am curious about how Taecyeon loves.

Taecyeon: “I am attracted to someone when I see them actively working at their duties.  And they have to understand me too.  When I am convinced about my feelings?  I could be active and straightforward.  But if I really like that person, I can’t speak to them or even look at them.  I’m the type that goes through heartburn. (laughs)”

This man, he seems more ‘real’ the more I see him.  He is closer to rough than fancy and simple than complex, but that is why I am convinced that he is the type of person that I can trust for a long time.

Taecyeon will be showing off a new side of himself through the role of Kang Donghee in the new KBS drama Wonderful Days that started airing on February 22.  I am already picturing him enjoying every moment like it’s his last while acting out his role.

Credit: KBS via 2OneDay