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[TRANS] “2PM OF 2PM” Oricon Style Interview

2PM: Growth Process Troubles and the Bond Between the Members

The members of 2PM were deeply involved in the production of their 4th album “2PM OF 2PM,” and it is surely a work of ambition that will make you feel their progress as artists. For Asia’s No.1 Beast Idol group, May of this year will mark the 5th year since their Japan single debut. The 6 of them who consistently excite us with their bright and simple-minded talks spoke to us about the reverse side of their unfathomable troubles, growth pains, and the things they fought against.

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[TRANS] 2PM ‘Guilty Love’ Oricon Style Interview

To 2PM, What is a Woman’s Dangerous Charm?!


2PM’s first single of 2015 “Guilty Love” has been released. 2PM was in perfect form in 2014, achieving first place in terms of ranking, and so on. It seems uncertain as to the height of their influence as they continue to rise in popularity. They of course talked about their single, and also named each of the members’ catchphrases of “__ Man” this time!

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PART 1 – The title of “GENESIS” suits well, we will show our grown self….-

――3rd album ”GENESIS OF 2PM” has completed
TY: I think in the previous albums we have showed strong image of manly and beast idol. And that was our one of icon and this time we wanted to show not only that but our different side, so in this album from first until the end different types of genres are recorded. Including those meanings I think the title “GENESIS” suits well.
JH: We have confident that we were able to show our more grown selves to fans this time.

――In this album everyone can feel the adult 2PM. Please let us know whats your favorite and song that we have to listen.
JH: My favorite is Wooyoung’s self-composed “Merry-go-round”

――The melody has sorrow. From intro there’s a strong impact and got drown into your song.
WY: Thank you very much. In this song I wanted to express the fretfulness and sorrow. And I made it with image of singing this on stage with loud voice.

――I see
WY: I like “I want you”
JH: Thank you

――”I want you” was self-composed by Junho. At the opening there’s a gospel-ish harmony and it gives a feel that its magnificent one totally different from Wooyoung’s song.
JH: I made this song to make people’s heart heal who listened to it.
TY: Whew~(deep breath) I got healed a lot.

――How about you Chansung?
CS: I like the “Only Girl”
TY: thats good~. Cuz I have a lot of part in this.lol
JH: Taecyeon really loves himself.lol
TY: Yes. But everyone loves themselves right?
CS: Not as much as you.lol
JK: Also, “BEAT OF LOVE” and “Step by Step” has good sounds and easy to listen so I would recommend that.
TY: In this album there’s a lot of sad songs but when you listen throughout of it makes you feel bright and I recommend all of the song so please listen and enjoy to it from the first one.

――Please tell us about ver B which has solo song of each member.
JH: My solo song “HEY YOU” is continuation of “SAY YES”. “SAY YES” was the song before they fell in love and expressed the feelings of excitement. This song is after they became together and wrote some things happened to them like how they overcome to it, its very joyful song.
CS: My solo song “Perfume” is sad song about your lover left you and when the smell of her perfume comes to you by riding on the wind, you will remember memories with her and think about her.I think I will be able to show my other side that hasnt showed yet before on this tour so please look forward to it.
NK: The song “SO WONDERFUL” was made by Jun.K. Its sweet and sexy and there’s groove feeling that is easy to listen.
TY: My solo song “It’s Only You feat. Yerin (15&)” is about feelings that might occur when you met your ex-lover again. I put the feelings of regret and wants to start over again with her and in order to express the honest feelings of guy and the girl I asked Yerin to join.
WY: The song “Give up” I made it by thinking about this tour like what should I do at my solo stage. The lyrics has a meaning of a guy who has a high pride but met this one girl and expressed “In front of you I throw away all my pride and his existence becomes small” kind of thing.
JK: I think you will now understand about what I was talking about “NO LOVE” before if you listen at this solo song “NO LOVE”. Genre is R&B soul and I expressed what I wanted to do/compose from before so I’m really excited to perform in front of you guys.

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